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Matthew A (matford)

A Numpty's Guide to backdating an F-5E to A

PS I'm the Numty


28. April 2019, 20:05
Erik Leijdens
Nice. But be careful, there are also small differences between some A models and also the E model. E.g. the Swiss Tigers have a bigger LERX, as used by the US Navy as N's now which can also be added to existing E's as an update. And the nose can also be different between E models. And when speaking of the A models, the CF and NF-5A/B models are very different compared to other A models.
28. April 2019, 20:28
Matthew A
Thank's Erik. I'm no expert. This is just basics I noticed to help Greg with his project AREA 88: "The Olive Grove" (F-5A) | Album by strobez (1:144)
28. April 2019, 20:37
Erik Leijdens
Nor am I Matthew 🙂. But I made a NF-5 last year an encountered a lot of unique NF-5 things that I needed to adjust in the Kinetic kit.
Thanks for your work!
28. April 2019, 20:41
Greg Baker
I'm just hoping to make a few cosmetic changes that will satisfy a cursory glance. Matthew's Numpty Guide has already been extremely helpful to this particular numpty.😉
4. May 2019, 15:45
Jos Jansen
This is definitely information that will help me, I have the Kinetic F-5 in my stash ... by the time I am ready for this project I will contact you both for more info! 👍
5. May 2019, 09:47
I remember once reading that, the shape of a jet for supersonic speed is critical for achieving high speeds, because of drag. And so, it was said that, by making the fuselage curvy, as opposed to a regular flat shape/tube shape, you apparently got less drag as I understand it.

I have the Kinetic F-5A kit in 1:48 scale, and I hope to be building it one day. 🙂 LOTS of decal options in that kit iirc.
11. May 2019, 10:46
Holger Kranich
Very interesting to me, thanks for sharing!
11. May 2019, 12:54
Greg Baker
This really has been invaluable. Matt's done so much research and hand holding, I feel like my current 1/144 F-5E to F-5A build is at least half his as welll. Maybe more.😉
11. May 2019, 13:54

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