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1997 Corvette Coupe C5 - wip

The next kit for my Corvette Collection. I like the C5 a lot. Not only because I'm a big fan of Pop up Lights. I like the front view. It is very nice formed.

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I bought this kit already started on ebay. This is what I got.  
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Today was paint day. I took the chassis of 2 C5 and 1 C7 to do some detailling. On the right this C5 
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And I painted the body. I hate red plastics. It's still coming through the base color. A little, but it can be seen. The risk is high that the red plastic will come through after the clear cote like it was on the C2.... 
Album image #5
It's painted 🙂. 
Album image #6
Clear coat. It's not perfect. Two or three spots on the body and some on the hood. But 
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On the first look, the red plastic doesn't come thru the paint. Exciting. 
Album image #8
A little process on the C5. 
Album image #9
Detail work on the body 
Album image #10
The interior. Sadly I have no decals. They weren't with the started kit. So it's not that spectacular 
Album image #11
The chassis is done.  
Album image #12
Painted the frames of the windows 
Album image #13
Here she is: the 5th generation. I'm not satisfied with the hood. I will redo it again 
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