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Christian W (christian-w)

Collections (22)

Class of 2014 and before
Completed 14×
Class of 2015
Completed 5×
Class of 2016
Completed 2×
Class of 2017
Completed 8×
Class of 2018
Completed 8×
Class of 2019
Completed 15×
Class of 2020
Completed 14×
Class of 2021
Completed 9×
Class of 2022
In progress 3×Completed 6×On hold 1×Queued 4×
Class of 2023
In progress 4×On hold 1×
My Corvette C1 Collection
Ideas 1×Completed 2×
My Corvette C2 Collection
Ideas 1×Completed 2×
My Corvette C3 Collection
Ideas 1×In progress 1×Completed 2×On hold 1×
My Corvette C4 Collection
Ideas 3×Completed 4×
My Corvette C5 Collection
Ideas 2×Completed 3×
My Corvette C6 Collection
In progress 1×Completed 4×
My Corvette C7 Collection
Ideas 1×Completed 2×Queued 1×
My Corvette C8 Collection
My Corvette Collection
Ideas 9×In progress 2×Completed 20×On hold 1×Queued 1×
My Pontiac Firebird Collection
In progress 1×Queued 1×
The "Blast of the Past"
Queued 1×
The Christmas Thing
In progress 2×Completed 12×