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Dominik Weitzer (Dominik)

'68 Chevy Chevelle SS 396 - WIP

Thats the goal:
Huggerorange 68 Chevelle with vinyl roof and Automatik transmission.


11 | 27. March, 12:07
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Nigel Chapman
Watching...Orange is the in thing at the moment it seems
27. March, 21:32
Martin Oostrom
Me like orange!
27. March, 22:28
Christian W
Nice progress with the preparation of the vinyl roof!
29. March, 06:19
Bill Newcomer
Following. Here's is one I did years ago.
1969 Chevelle Street Outlaw | Album by musclecarfan
29. March, 06:27
István Szücs
What did you use for the trim? Evergreen?
29. March, 08:08
Dominik Weitzer
Thanks mates,
Yes Istvan, i used evergreen 1mm diamater.
30. March, 14:23
István Szücs
And what's the plan for the vinyl?
30. March, 18:24
Dominik Weitzer
I often use tape for the vinyl roof (see the 66 Buick I've postet) that works fine.
I have ordered a vinyl top kit from MCG(?) i would like to try.
6. April, 09:18
Dominik Weitzer
some progress here.
paited the undercarrige and the interior. also paited the dashboard and detailed the sidepanels f.e.
I'm just working on the engine (painted) and the aftermarket radio underneath the dash. aaaaand....the console converting from handstick to automatik transmission.
11. April, 11:44
Chris Reimann
Is going to look really sharp!
11. April, 11:48
Nigel Chapman
Looking sharp
11. April, 20:00
Looking good
11. April, 20:43
Bill Newcomer
I am not sure if you are aware of this but GM did not paint inner fenders body color. But, it is your vision and you obviously may do as you wish.
12. April, 01:33
Christian W
On my point of view, it looked strange with the body color painted inner fenders on the first sight and I was not sure, whether they still left the inner fenders black satin in the 70s. I think Bill proofed, that my feeling was right. If you have the chance to repaint it, it'll be not that bad. It depends of the original car, you'll probably will reproduce.
12. April, 04:50
Dominik Weitzer
You are right. The inner fenders will be painted satin black. The original has a firewall in bodycolor, thats why i painted the hole enginebay first in orange.
12. April, 06:36
Dominik Weitzer
...just wondering, where the pictures are gone on my mobile / laptop. Pictures from the engine are missing - it is completed and installed. also i built the interior together and only have to attach the seatbelts.
also...the chassis is completed

Sorry, i was busy at work and had no timeframe to upload the WIPs...
18. May, 19:13
Christian W
Not bad, not bad. A lot of details under the hood.
18. May, 21:46
Chris Reimann
Wasn't hugger orange only available in 1969?
27. May, 03:24
István Szücs
Chris, you are right! The hugger orange wasn't available in '68.

27. May, 09:41
Dominik Weitzer
Hm, interesting. The reference is hugger orange...the owner told me the color. I've not asked, if it is repainted.
27. May, 14:32
István Szücs
If you put a subsequent licence plate, it will be right, I think.
27. May, 15:44
Dominik Weitzer
...a small progress here. only completed the interieur with steeringwheel and seat belts.
10. June, 07:28
Nigel Chapman
Looking good. Love that interior, especially the Hurst shifter
10. June, 21:29
Bill Newcomer
Boy, you went all in on the engine detail. 🙂
11. June, 03:05
Dominik Weitzer
Thank you Nigel and Bill ?. Much appreciated

Also on the last weekend I made all the trim and finally two layers of clear coat.
Next step will be to paint the black parts on the bottom of the body (again) and on the hood.
Than the vinyl top.
23. June, 20:30
Christian W
What a shiny coat!
24. June, 05:29
James C
Flawless paint finish! 👍
24. June, 18:56


In progress
1:25 '68 Chevy Chevelle SS 396 (Revell 85-4445)

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