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Greg Baker (strobez)

The Shooting Star (Arado Ar 196)


Greg Baker
I know I had about 6 projects unfinished when my work/life balance went completely out of whack, but I find starting a new project is the best way to get my groove back after a long absence from the bench. A little yellow Tintin float plane seems like just what the doctor ordered.
17 August 2021, 05:58
Vittorio Gentili
And we all must obey the doctor
17 August 2021, 06:09
Moreno Baruffini
I absolutely agree with you!
17 August 2021, 06:22
Bas Tonn
17 August 2021, 07:54
Robert Podkoński
I got similar treatment ordered from my doctor some time ago - and it seems to bring positive effects for my state of mind 😄 Following, of course!
17 August 2021, 08:17
Alex K
Welcome back!
17 August 2021, 09:24
Roland Gunslinger
Ahhh, he's back! Niiice 👍
I hope you have a good excuse for staying away while we toiled here 😉
17 August 2021, 11:39
Well done so far. Following!
...And welcome back, Greg!
17 August 2021, 11:52
looking good. great to see you back in the saddle!
17 August 2021, 12:04
Peter Hardy
…. And there was poor simple me thinking a Shooting Star was an American jet from the forties! Nice to see Tintin on another adventure!
18 August 2021, 06:06
Greg Baker
Thanks guys! I have to say, It does feel good to be back. I know I said this was going to be a straightforward build, but I've been fighting with this kit a bit more than I expected. There are some parts that need cleaning. I'm not sure if it's because the mood is pretty old, but there are all kinds of small imperfections on the wings and fuselage that are driving me crazy. Little bumps, or scratches… not sure why that is exactly.

The pink under coat really made them pop out, so I tried to sand them away. Not sure I really succeeded though.
18 August 2021, 06:14
Welcome back, Greg. 👍
Watching. 👀
Is there a specific reason you are using a pink undercoat for yellow? Does it work better than white?
18 August 2021, 06:20
Greg Baker
At the risk of offending WhiteGlint… yep. Pink is better than White. 😉

It's a bit counter intuitive, but it's been proven to me that a pink undercoat is hands down the best for a yellow top coat. It makes the yellow much richer, and you use a lot less coats.
18 August 2021, 22:33
Erik De Smet
Welcome back Greg,. And yes pink / flesh is the better undercoat for yellow
19 August 2021, 06:53
yellow certainly looks great
19 August 2021, 08:42
Haha! 😄 No offense taken, Greg.
I'll keep that in mind when painting something yellow next time, thank you Erik and Greg.

When I painted one of my mechs from Sakura Wars I used a NATO Black undercoat (like almost always). While the yellow looked nice in the end I had to use a lot of it...
19 August 2021, 11:17
Peter Hardy
Looking good Greg! The Arado, not you!
19 August 2021, 12:26
Greg Baker
WIth two coats of pink under, I only needed one coat of yellow. I've painted a lot of things yellow, and the amount of coats/coverage needed is usually so high that the paint starts to look soft. Ever since I discovered the pink undercoat technique, I haven't had a problem.
19 August 2021, 16:29
Daniel Klink
Guess whos back, back again
Greg is back, tell a friend....
Glad to see u back in action mate 👍
19 August 2021, 16:33
Bruce Huxtable
She's going to look superb 🙂
19 August 2021, 16:34
Nils Steyaert
she looks great already, ive built one many years ago, thinking of doing it again with a new tool kit.
19 August 2021, 17:52
I will have to buy a pink bottle to make the yellow look as good as it does on this Arado.

Until now I used a sand color as a base and even so it was difficult for me to apply the yellow afterwards.

Many thanks, Greg 👍
19 August 2021, 18:22
Łukasz Gliński
Pity it won't stay pink 😛
19 August 2021, 19:23
Alec K
Great to see Greg back at the bench 👍
19 August 2021, 23:55
Greg Baker
Getting down to the final bits. Painted and attached the struts, made some silicone water for the base… a few touch ups required… but getting there.
20 August 2021, 22:16
Bruce Huxtable
Curious about the little 'puddle', and the other teasing clues 😉 Watching with interest 🙂
21 August 2021, 06:52
Very nice continuation of the Tintin series 👍
21 August 2021, 08:13
Greg Baker
Getting near the end. I might usually get a bit more fussed about some of the imperfections during the assembly - a bit of overspray here and there, a bit of shading match issue trying to correct it, gaps in the canopy… but I'm taking a more zen approach with this one. The purpose was to get back in the groove, so why sweat the small stuff. 😉

All the major assembly is now done. A couple of antennas to add, some decals and mount it on the base and we'll call it even.
22 August 2021, 06:05
Greg Baker
And there we go… done enough for me. 🙂
22 August 2021, 21:52
Bruce Huxtable
Looking very sharp, Greg 👍
22 August 2021, 22:01
looks great!
22 August 2021, 22:36
Very nice. 👍
22 August 2021, 22:39
Greg Baker
Thanks guys. I'm happy with how it turned out.
23 August 2021, 00:03
Alex K
Already?! Nice! With the Greg signature silicone "puddle" and everything... (question: no pilot?) Glad to see you back on the bench - now, bring on that BMW bike & sidecar...
23 August 2021, 02:14
Greg Baker
I'm busy hunting around for a missing bit of sprue for the BMW bike... It was just here 3 months ago! I swear it was! 😉
23 August 2021, 02:41
Robert Podkoński
Pretty cool! 😉
23 August 2021, 05:17
Moreno Baruffini
Bello!!!!!! 👍🏻
23 August 2021, 05:53
A really colourful floatplane. Welcome back, Greg!
23 August 2021, 06:12
Roland Gunslinger
Wow, what a yellow beauty 👍
23 August 2021, 06:20
Like your version of the TInTin aircraft 👍
23 August 2021, 06:42
Bruce Huxtable
Instant speed! Fantastic! 🙂
23 August 2021, 06:47
Łukasz Gliński
Nice finish, when are you opening the TinTin equipment museum? 😉
23 August 2021, 07:15
Very nice! 👍
23 August 2021, 09:25
Nils Steyaert
awesome 🙂
23 August 2021, 17:41
Daniel Klink
Another cool story told in 1/72 Greg 👍👍👍
Glad you are back on track!
23 August 2021, 17:49
Greg Baker
Hah. Thanks guys.

Łukasz, I already opened my Tintin museum... 😉 strobez.ca/wp/index...1-72-scale-projects/
24 August 2021, 00:16
Matthew A
Wow I blinked and Greg did his magic again
24 August 2021, 01:25
Łukasz Gliński
I know, looking forward to seeing one in the real world 😉
24 August 2021, 07:35
Gary Kitchen
Wow! That was fast. Excellent as always.
24 August 2021, 10:49
Simon Nagorsnik
the base .... a very nice idea 😁
24 August 2021, 16:04
Very nice job, Greg. Congrats!
The "virtual museum" looks very interesting 👍
24 August 2021, 17:38
Greg Baker
Thanks guys. Cuajete, I came up with the "virtual museum" as a way to pose my projects in "action" but without the need for pilots. They're "dioramas" of a museum display, rather than true "mid flight". That way no one gets hurt. 😉
24 August 2021, 20:45
Bruce Huxtable
Just popped in for stroll, and became enthralled by the Moon Rocket. Superb and great fun 👍👍👍👍 Soo many more gems to oggle 🙂
24 August 2021, 21:18
Greg Baker
That moon rocket was a very fun project… and keep checking, I've got big plans for big planes!
24 August 2021, 23:49
Gary Kitchen
…and Red Rackham's ship? 🙂
25 August 2021, 07:52
Greg Baker
That too!
25 August 2021, 14:57


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