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Kace Wong (kace)

Gama goat carrier build thread


Kace Wong
Completed a second rough build in 2 hours. This Tamiya kit is a gem.
21 August 2021, 16:58
Bruce Huxtable
Watching with interest, this unusual vehicle coming together 👍
21 August 2021, 17:21
Kace Wong
Thanks Bruce, this is an interesting "set" of 2 models to build their different variants. While the ambulance kit has the MG mount, ammo and Jerry cans, the other vanilla kit mounts them and doesn't include them :-D
22 August 2021, 05:15
Kace Wong
Finalised mixing and matching all the shackles tie-points, additional fire extinguisher load🧯between the 2 variants. This is a fun build.
24 August 2021, 14:35
Bruce Huxtable
Looking very neat 👍
24 August 2021, 15:19
Kace Wong
Thank you Bruce, Tamiya is stress-free 😂
25 August 2021, 06:44


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