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Tom ... (tom...)

Tamiya: Universal Carrier Mk.II - WIP


20 March 2019, 03:58
Tom ...
I have a question for experienced military builders. This is my first military vehicle build and I'm trying to figure out how best to paint/assemble the model.

I've seen a lot of videos where the builders assemble most of the model and then paint.... however, while my main goal with this build is to learn weathering techniques I also want to focus on detailing as much as I can so any advice (or links) on how best to assemble and paint military vehicles would be much appreciated.

For example, in picture #2 of the album I'm trying to figure out the best way to paint/assemble the chassis floor...

(I'm sure there's no right or wrong answer here but I'm interested in what experienced builders think)

20 March 2019, 04:36
Tom ...
This mate's album is very helpful: Bren Gun Carrier (Completed) | Album by Manic Dragon (1:35)

This way I can see what parts are visible and what parts aren't.
20 March 2019, 06:28
Hi Tom. This is my way of building and painting my models. I try to build as much as possible without painting. Quite easy without interior parts. But i paint all parts i cannot access in a proper way after finishing the model in advance. This might bei the case wirh your floor. Be careful to mask your finished paint job before painting the rest of the Kit.
20 March 2019, 07:09
Tom ...
Sound advice, Xerxes. I guess my question is really to do with how much (color) detailing there is in military machines. I think that is what I'm getting stuck on. I should find some reference books/pictures to work from.

I did find this video of a real Bren Gun Carrier: Youtube Video


Looks like most everything is the same color so that does simplify things a great deal.
20 March 2019, 08:03
Tom ...
On hold while I wait for the Eduard PE set: Universal Carrier Mk.II (Eduard 35364, 1:35).

22 March 2019, 04:22
ArcticFox Pz Division
I'm not an expert but you can follow most of the process of building and painting technique I use here on youtube... I will give you the link for my first video but there is 5 videos for the Universal. Youtube Video

24 March 2019, 13:07
Hello Tom,
In my case I really enjoy painting all the small pieces first. And of course all interior bulkheads or floors. Building and glueing comes later.
I use brushes, no air brush. So touching up the hull or undercarriage is easy.
24 March 2019, 13:34


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