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Universal Carrier Tamiya 1:35

Universal/Bren Carrier, Normandy, post-D-Day.

MasterClub Tracks, Riich Models running gear.

All figures come with the kit, as do some of the accessories [PIAT, Brens etc]. The umbrella and jacket are separate.

I fixed the broken track after all the photos were taken [d'oh]

I made the corrugated iron out of cardboard from a box of Mulino Blanco crackers, painted with Tamiya Dark Iron and Flory Rust Wash.

And I'm STILL only using brush and can to paint.


4 16 August 2021, 19:05
Bruce Huxtable
Liking this a lot ? Did you sculpt the leather jacket?
16 August 2021, 19:30
Thankys Bruce. The jacket? Oh, I WISH. It came with Royal Model's Stowage Kit, as did the umbrella.
16 August 2021, 19:37
Bruce Huxtable
Still liking it all a lot ?
16 August 2021, 19:45
Thank you. There are a lot of flaws but I think I am getting better each model. Most importantly, enjoying myself a lot.
16 August 2021, 19:50
Bruce Huxtable
The better we become, the more self-critical we become! One of the hazards of aiming high ?
16 August 2021, 20:31


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